22/11/2016 - 05:27

The Perfect Christmas Present


Conservation Through Hunting-A 25 Year History
Case bound with slipcase and all edges gilt, the SCI(NZ) history is available only in a Limited Edition of 150 signed and numbered copies .


  • Some of New Zealand's great trophy rooms
  • The history of the birth of the Game Animal Council
  • Over thirty top hunting stories
  • Colour illustrations throughout
  • Features by top contributors such as Davey Hughes, Ken Tustin, Gary Joll and many more
  • SCI(NZ)'s influence and contribution to Wapiti, Tahr, Wakatipu Whitetail and game
  • Profiles on some of our best taxidermists
  • The history of SCI(NZ)'s Stan Peterson and Lame Duck huts
  • A complete history presented in a readable and entertaining style that will appeal to all hunters

Order your copy now from Terry Pierson $135 delivered.


08/11/2016 - 20:29


Every member of SCI(NZ) is now eligible for our FREE $2,000,000.00 Public Liability Cover with Forest Fire Extension. Enjoy your hunting trips with this great 'Peace of Mind' offer from Safari Club New Zealand. Join at

Safari Club International have a fantastic offer on at the moment. One year Membership for US $90. PLUS you get four copies of their glossy 150 page plus magazine covering the entire world of big game hunting AND four issues of their newsy and informative Safari Times newspaper. Join at

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We have moved our website from an off shore server to a new provider based here in New Zealand.

We have taken this opportunity to revamp the website and add some extra services.

Our new website will have a more user friendly and functional members area, which we anticipate will evolve to meet our future needs.

The old domain name will still remain and email can still be sent to the old addresses.

We also have a new domain name which better reflects our New Zealand identity. It is