Advocacy and News Issues

Safari Club International New Zealand Chapter is dedicated to protecting and promoting members interests and advocating for improved outcomes on issues:

  • impacting the management of NZ,s game animals,
  • impacting on our hunter members
  • and to promote hunting as a legitimate and responsible sporting and recreational pursuit.

To achieve these objectives the Executive respond to many situations, particularly from Government and Governmental Agencies and others who have very different objectives from our own.

The Chapter has enjoyed much success over the years since our inception in 1990.  We have had direct input into a large number of areas that have resulted in major improvements in the perception of hunting and hunters through to actually helping to achieve a change in the status of NZ,s Deer, Tahr, Chamois and Wild Pigs from “pests” to legislated “Game Animals” under the Game Animal Council Act of 2013.

This Chapter continues to advocate in all areas of interest to hunters in New Zealand and we have provided examples of our current work in these areas:

An open letter to the Minister of Conservation on directive to cull Himilayan Tahr


Submission on GAC Levy

Firearms submission May 2017


Letter to the Minister of Conservation Jan 2018


Letter to ZIP - Feb 2018

ZIP Reply - March 2018

Questions to ZIP - March 2018

ZIP Response - May 2018


Letter to DOC on use of Deer Repellant in 1080 March 2018

DOC Reply April 2018


Other News